Common issues that we face with our air conditioning

He did give me three tips on how to keep my system running efficiently

I am not savvy when it comes to performing handiwork around my home. In fact, whenever something goes wrong, I have a guy that I call to fix things for me. And being a single woman, you would think that I would be more independent, but unfortunately, I am not. I am ok as long as I can find someone to fix the issue for me. And I must say over the years, I have learned a lot from the different service people that I have used. For instance, my HVAC technician is one of the friendliest servicemen that I know, and he is always willing to teach me something new. I recall when I first met him, he gave me a long lesson on the common issues that homeowners face with their A/Cs. They include clogged filters, refrigerant leak, frozen air conditioner, water leak, drainage problems, just to name a few. I am not opposed to learning about the issues with an HVAC system, however, I am not interested in fixing any of them. He did give me three tips on how to keep my system running efficiently. And those tips were to change my air filter every 90 days, to pour vinegar inside my drainpipe to prevent debris and mold from growing, and the most important tip was to get regular maintenance. Using those three tips have certainly helped me over the years, and I have managed to keep my air conditioner from having any major issues, so I will be forever grateful to my HVAC technician for teaching me about HVAC systems.


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