I’ll just buy another

When my portable space heater broke recently I was thinking about taking it somewhere to get it repaired.

But after looking into this and finding out how much I would be charged to repair a portable space heater, I found it would actually be cheaper to just buy a new one.

You can find portable space heaters on sale a lot of the time. And even if you can not find a portable space heater for sale at a discounted price, the regular price of portable space heaters are always under one hundred dollars. And to repair a portable space heater would cost almost double that from the price quotes I was getting. Plus it is not worth the hassle with portable space heaters these days being in a very affordable range. It’s not like portable air conditioning systems which cost around four hundred bucks or more. With a portable air conditioning system it would probably be worth it to take it somewhere and have it repaired. Because a few hundred bucks is much better than four hundred bucks naturally. But in terms of the portable space heater, I am just going to go out this weekend and buy another portable space heater at the local outlet store where I bought this one. I most likely will buy the same exact portable space heater since it worked really well until it just decided to break on me one day. That is my thoughts on this subject and I think it is most logical to buy a brand new portable space heater.



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