Working too strenuous

Sometimes when we work for ourselves as well as make our own rules we can end up overworking ourselves.

This has happened to me quite a few times working as an independent heating as well as a/c specialist.

As a matter of fact, I am right now taking the month off from all of my heating as well as a/c duties because of this. I closed shop as well as said i’m on vacation. I was working almost 12 hours a day with no breaks on weekends for quite a while as well as it finally caught up with me. Had I been working for a regular heating as well as a/c business as a single of their certified heat as well as cooling system specialists this would have never happened because they would have never allowed it to happen. But when working for yourself, you lose track of time on occasion. Believe me I enjoyed the currency, but I did not want to kill myself either. That is why I am taking the month off to rest as well as recoup my body as well as brain. If my clients need heating as well as a/c service while in this time I gave them the contact to a neighbor of mine who is also an independent heating as well as a/c supplier as well as they will just have to use them while I am gone. Working strenuous is a single thing, however working too strenuous is another. That can get to be dangerous. And I am just gleeful I caught it when I did. It is so fantastic to be an independent heating as well as a/c supplier let me tell you!
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