Three Months Till Christmas, Wait What?

I can’t believe that I will be going back to the states in three months for the holidays. I feel like I just left there from my summer trip and now I am going to be looking at flights in a month or so to go back again. This time it’ll be touch-and-go with money as all of my capital is locked up in cryptos. I am going to try to get a flatmate to absorb the cost of rent while I’m gone, at least for the month of December, and to watch my two cats. This HVAC worker wants to rent my room so I should be set when it comes time to leave for home. I won’t have a rental car in the states this time as it costs just way too much. I will Uber it around town and ride my bike whenever I can. At least I won’t have to worry about getting a car without air conditioning like last time. Now I’ll just get an Uber when I need it and have family and friends drive me around when possible. I think the last time I rented a car it was nearly $3000 for a two month stint back in the states. I’d have to work for my local contractor friend back home if I rented a car and spend most of my time working to pay for the rental. If I Uber it around then I can probably do a month back home for about $1000, which includes the ice cold air conditioned plane ride over.


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