Prepping the house early this year to save on HVAC heating costs

The kids are back in school and the summer is officially over.

However, I’m already deep into a fall ritual that I should have been performing for all of these years.

But this fall, I’m getting the very early jump on prepping the house for winter in order to save on HVAC heating. All the other years, the closest I came to winter prep was calling the HVAC company. I’d make sure the gas furnace got the necessary HVAC heating maintenance but that’s about as far as I got. The biggest reason for this is that I wasn’t into doing the winter prep on the house with all the football on TV. This is just the honest truth. I love football season more than I love saving on HVAC heating costs. But this year, I committed to being sure the winter prep on the house got done. This is why I’m already half way through with the winter checklist and it’s not even Labor Day yet. I was able to get this checklist from the HVAC company website. Not only did they give me a list and great instructions, I had a shopping list for the stuff I needed as well. That made everything much easier. So when I took the kids for back to school stuff, I went to the home improvement store as well. My plan is to finish up the winter prep this coming week. The football season is close to kicking off and I’d like to be done by then. It sure will be nice to have a really cozy home and save like crazy on HVAC heating.