Need to Find Some Sage for Breakfast Sausage

That is one thing you can’t find here overseas; good breakfast sausage.

I don’t eat a lot of red meat anymore but I do like a good breakfast sausage with my eggs and potatoes now and then.

I would say a few times a month max I would like to eat sausage, and ideally it would be sausage that is natural without any of the nitrates and nitrites that are so bad for the body. This local business near me sells a vegetarian type sausage but it is so expensive that it makes it difficult to eat it without stressing out a bit. Another thing I like to do is eat a big salad each day to load my body up with nutrients and clean out the system with all of the roughage it contains. My local contractor friend eats way too much red meat each week and always seems to be going to the doctor for something or another. I rarely visit the doctor and usually when I go it is for something like a checkup or blood work to make sure everything is alright with me. The HVAC company is where I work each day and it is located very close to the doctor’s office so sometimes I pop in just to say hi to them. Those people are our lifelines so it is a good idea to have a good relationship with them. A few of my HVAC tech friends are also on the same bandwagon as I am and we all have friends who are doctors or naturopaths. Good people to have in your circles.


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