Don’t blow it when it comes to the HVAC warranty

I’ve never really been the sort who actually reads the directions.

Somehow, I must think that it’s all just so intuitive that I can simply figure it out.

I’m much more interested in playing with any new toy than I am reading about how it works or checking the warranty. The same was true when it came to upgrading my HVAC equipment this past year. My wife and I were actually sort of prepared for the end of the old HVAC unit. This was heating and cooling equipment that we had inherited when we bought the house. We saved a bunch of money by doing this so we set up an account with some of that money. And then, when the HVAC unit turned twenty, we started adding more to that savings account. Sure enough, the utility costs spiked in a big way toward the end of last summer. The heat pump just couldn’t keep up with the demand for HVAC cooling. That’s when we had the HVAC technician come out to confirm our thoughts. The next steps were really pretty exciting and relatively a breeze. The HVAC contractor came out to our home for an inspection and to help us choose the new HVAC unit. From there, it was like Christmas. I couldn’t wait for the new residential HVAC and all the new HVAC technology. So of course, I wasn’t reading the HVAC warranty once it was all installed. Thankfully though, my wife did read the HVAC warranty and got it registered in time.

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