An Unusually Slow Day in the Summer Here

Looks like we have another one of those overcast dark days where it is strangely still.

It’s quieter than normal for some reason, maybe it’s because there is no wind at all to rustle the leaves on the trees. I’m going to stay home and work at a leisurely pace because there isn’t anything going on outside. I may go to my beach spot later around 6pm to get out for a bit, but that gives me over four hours at home, which is fine because I have quite a workload today. My HVAC equipment is getting serviced tomorrow so I need to be home for that too. I think the weather will be better tomorrow so maybe we will do a music jam on the beach tomorrow evening. I just want my heating and AC unit to be tuned up and ready for the cold weather that will come in two months. I plan on going back to the states mid December for a month possibly, at the least I’ll go back for two weeks or so. I will work some for this local contractor back home to help me cover my trip because I am barely scraping by again as I am living alone in this big flat. Soon I’ll get a roommate and it will be easy for me with bills and such. I just need to pick up a bit more work at the HVAC company where I work and I’ll be fine. I need about $1000 for this trip back to the states if I am frugal about the whole journey.