Waiting for the Right Flatmate to Enter my Life

I’m hoping to find a flatmate who works away from lake house so that I have my afternoons to myself when I labor from home.

It’s just a matter of time till the right person contacts me plus then my bills will be cut in half.

Where I live overseas I can eat each month for about $300 plus then add another $200 for misc stuff. I labor at the Heating plus A/C company about twenty hours a week, which covers all my bills residing alone but it is pretty tight. So, if you manage to trim your rent down you can live undoubtedly cheaply here on the Spanish coast in a small trendy town about 45 mins south of BCN, where the olympics were held not so long ago. I was residing there toiling for a local company but I got tired of the incessant noise from residing in a larger city. I think that city has about 2 million people while this town I live in now has about 25K people. There is a local company here who I now labor for doing Heating plus A/C device repairs. I do a lot of heat pump repairs in the Winter time plus a lot of air handler repairs in the summer. I also labor some in the store doing some cleaning plus inventory but I am mainly doing repair calls in homes plus businesses. Other than that I am pretty much outside on my bike or at the beach playing ball each day. My Heating plus A/C tech neighbor may meet me tonight plus play some songs with me plus some friends. It should be a fun night.

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