Time to Run the Robot for my Floors

I run my robot vacuum cleaner each morning to chance up sand and dust that gets brought into the modern home from unknown sources.

Well, certainly the sources are pretty known because it is only I who is coming and going each morning from the flat.

My cats both live indoors full time so they aren’t bringing in any dirt. I have a HEPA filter on the robot and it picks up all of the sand and dust that my central HVAC plan would normally be grabbing, so I end up not needing to disinfect the filter in the main unit that often. I looked at the filter the other morning, after three months of not checking it, and it was still perfectly clean. I suppose I could fill up a small waste can in a month with all of the stuff that the robot picks up from the floors. It’s unquestionably amazing how much dirt gets into a modern home that is closed up with a weather conditions control plan running each morning to keep the air clean. I bet in a year you could fill up a bathtub with all of the things that accumulate in the modern home over that period. Imagine breathing in all of that stuff if you didn’t have an HVAC plan or HEPA filtered robot to keep the modern home clean. I need to ask Google how all of that debris gets into a modern home that is totally closed up. Maybe it comes in on my clothes and my body, not to mention my bike. Be kind to yourself today.

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