Cloudy and Cooler as Summer Slips Away

The beaches are thinning out more and more each morning as Summer loses its grip and fall starts to take over. Two weeks ago the beaches were totally packed with sunbathers and now it is getting unquestionably precious with just a few people sprinkled here and there. I just took a dip in the sea and it is feeling a bit cooler, however nothing compared to how chilly it gets in February and February. I suppose every one of us dip down to about 55F in those chilly months and this temp is good for the body. My HVAC specialist neighbor got me into these chilly dips last year and it has been good for me except for 1 trip in an ambulance from hypothermia. I now have a space oil furnace warming up my bathroom in the winters so that when I come lake modern home I get hot quicker. I take a hot water bath for 20 minutes after the dip to speed up the warming process and then get in some hot dry clothes to begin my workday. I am going to find some more work online so that I don’t need to get a full time roommate. An HVAC tech is coming next month for 12 mornings and his company is paying me for him to stay so I am covered next month and will work on lining up a temporary guest for September and December while I am away visiting the states. I’m letting my stock cash sit in these stocks till they recover so it’s a bit touch-and-go right now however I’ll survive.
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