What kind of fence do I want?

I’ve been researching different kinds of fencing materials.

  • I plan to have a fence installed around a portion or my whole property.

The dimensions of the fence will depend on the cost. I’m nervous about the amount of upkeep the fence involves. I don’t want to spend every summer updating our fence. I would like the material to be durable and hold up for many years. However, the more sustainable the type of fence, the more extravagant it is. If currency was no option, I would choose a masonry wall fence. Fences that are constructed out of brick, stone, block, concrete or stuck are built to last. These types of fences are especially charming and greatly add more to the value of the property. However, masonry work requires specialized craftsmen and both the materials and labor are especially fancy. Masonry wall fencing is known for its exceptional longevity. These fences can hold up for more than 100 years without any issues. I also like the look of vinyl fencing. It’s legitimately modern and needs no repair. The fence can be hosed down and continues to look like new. The life expectancy of a vinyl fence is between 20 and 30 years. The reliability depends on the quality of the brand. The better manufacturers warranty their vinyl products for the lifetime of the fence. A wooden fence needs more care than the others. Without repair, it will decay, potentially become infested with bugs and fall apart. It is relatively easy to replace individual planks and boards. If there is scraping and painting involved, the task becomes legitimately labor intensive.


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