What do you want to accomplish with your website?.

I had a neighbor named Bob who called myself and others plus asked myself and others what I was trying to accomplish with our crappy Heating plus A/C website? I told Bob it should be obvious that I needed to grow our supplier plus make some currency.

Bob laughed outright plus told myself and others I needed something better than what I had if I wanted to get anything besides more people laughing at it, plus not just him. Bob’s words harshly offended me, however I couldn’t let him suppose that. I told Bob if he could do better, then be our guest. I even gave Bob the address plus password so he could change our website. Bob said he didn’t want to do the work, however he knew of an internet marketing supplier who would do it for me. He said our website needed more job than he knew what to do. Bob gave myself and others the web address of an excellent internet marketing supplier that handled web design plus development. They specialized in SEO, pay per click, plus social media ads. I didn’t suppose what he was talking about with half of what he said, however I wrote down the web address. That night, I sat in our office plus typed in the website address to the internet marketing supplier. I must have read for fifteen minutes. I read about SEO, search engine optimization plus how they used keywords so searches would find our website. I l acquired so much that I knew I wanted to try the internet marketing team our neighbor told myself and others about. I genuinely thought they would help our Heating plus A/C supplier.