They did a good job detailing it

I took our car down to the auto shop to get the thing detailed.

My wife and I went to the beach and the car was filled with sand.

There was salt all over the car and under the truck. I wanted to be sure that all of the salt and sand was gone from our new sports car. They cleaned everything inside and outside of the car. The auto detailing crew cleaned everything from the top to the bottom of the car. I even looked underneath the car and it looked like there had been some work done on the bottom too. It was a lavish expense having the car detailed, however I would spend our savings on the fees again if the car looked like it did when the people I was with and I came to the condo from the beach. When the shop was done with the detail job, I went to option up the car. I noticed the sign on the front door that said the performance garage was looking for a new tire installation and oil change dealer. I told our little brother about the job. He’s been looking for a job at an auto body shop and this could be the perfect way for him to get her feet in the door. My sibling called the auto body shop and they told him to fill out an application online. After they looked at the application, they would supply him a call if he met all of the criteria for the auto tech job. I absolutely hope that our little sibling will get the job. I suppose it would be a wonderful site to start his work.



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