The thermostat kept changing

I couldn’t figure out why the thermostat kept increasing on its own! I was starting to think that the home was haunted or something because every single time that I changed the temperature on the temperature control, it changed back again! I was getting certainly annoyed about it the other day and I finally decided that I needed to call the HVAC supplier to see if they could come over and figure out what the problem was.

It was literally driving me crazy.

I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me and maybe I was sleepwalking and increasing the temperature on the thermostat myself or something! It was certainly driving me nuts and so I made an appointment with the HVAC supplier; Whenever the HVAC worker came inside the home to check out the temperature control, it took him about six hours to figure out what the problem was. She said that I had somehow reset the programmable thermostat so that it was just following a different program than what I was used to. She said that sporadically this sort of thing happens whenever the power goes out or there is a power surge! Sure enough, as soon as she said that, I remembered the power going out for a few hours a couple of weeks before. She reset my thermostat program for me, and now everything is working just good again. I can’t believe that I didn’t figure out the problem myself. It wasn’t a big mystery or anything. Hopefully my HVAC service bill won’t be entirely extravagant.

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