The interior designer wanted to reupholster my old chair.

The only thing the interior designer wanted to save out of all my furniture, was an old chair.

He raved about that old chair, and said the only thing he would want to change is the upholstery.

I looked at my husband’s chair, knowing there was no way he was going to let this man get even his pinky on his chair. He had this chair growing up, he took it to college with him, and he brought it with him when we got married. I had become used to his old chair, and I couldn’t picture him sitting in anything else. Although the chair has become relegated to his work room, he still had it with him. The interior designer wanted me to do everything I could to talk my husband into allowing him to reupholster the old chair, but I said no. I had wooden dining room chairs that needed new upholstery on the seats, but he didn’t even think they were worth keeping. I thanked him for his input, and showed him to the door. My husband stood in the living room listening to the interior designer, and after he left he asked me about his old chair. He told me that if I would prefer to have it reupholstered, he would be okay with it. The only thing I asked for was to have the wooden dining room chair seats reupholstered. When the people from the reupholstery shop came to pick up my dining room chairs, my husband told them to take his chair with them, but it had to have masculine upholstery and not flowers.



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