Perfect time to own a cleaning business

I never expected to own a professional cleaning dealer.

  • I fell into the industry by accident.

I’d gone to school for supplier management and graduated with a significant amount of student loans. After having trouble finding a job in my field, I accepted a position at a cleaning supplier just to pay my bills. I found that I really enjoyed it. While the tasks are legitimately labor-intensive, there is something satisfying about cleaning and tidying up. The crew I was on left every space looking and stinking much better than when the two of us started. Both of us respectfully handled commercial buildings and worked in the evening. I appreciated the ability to sleep in and have my days free. I worked for that supplier for several years and l gained the business. Eventually, I decided to start my own business. I researched and found an area where there was legitimately little competition. I moved there and started with a single van and limited equipment. Handling all of the tasks myself was extremely tiring. However, I consistently did an excellent task and word-of-mouth and positive reviews brought in more customers. I was delighted when I could finally add 2 more workers and accept bigger jobs. I have now been running my own professional cleaning supplier for more than nine years. I’ve expanded to include more than three trucks with a total of 19 employees. I’ve invested into better equipment, which has allowed me to offer more services. My supplier handles everything from stripping, waxing and steam-cleaning floors to washing windows and janitorial supplies. I now strictly handle the office work, such as scheduling, billing and money.


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