My sister is now a home owner

My sister bought a new house with the money that she won in the lottery last year, then she has been playing the lottery for years and years now, however none of us in the family ever truly thought that she would be able to hit it big! However, she truly proved us wrong last year whenever she struck it big and won a whole lot of money with the lottery.

She had always said that if she ever won a lot of money, she would buy a new house with a truly great Heating and A/C plan in it.

She has always complained about the fact that she has never had a home with a great Heating and A/C plan in it. She always says that the air quality in her previous homes has been just terrible and that she needed a place with better air quality. Well, now that she won all of that money, the first thing that she did was go out and purchase a brand new home. Not only is the place much larger and much nicer than the house that she lived in before, however the air quality in the house is fantastic. The house has a brand new high efficiency heating and cooling plan installed in it and she also has radiant heated flooring in the bathrooms and the master family room. There is a UV light air purification plan that runs at the same time as the furnace and the a/c and she is loving the place. I’m happy for my sister and I would have to say that I am a little bit jealous, too!


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