It was a treat getting honey from the beekeeper

My wife and I made the choice to take a drive up the coast on Saturday, and it was a completely pretty day with hardly any clouds in the sky. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t severely warm. It was honestly the perfect day to take a drive. We took the Jeep so all of us could ride with the top down. We moved up and down the coastline visiting all of the state parks and surfing destinations. We stopped for supper at a small cafe with farm fresh products just like sandwiches, paninis, and wraps. Everything from the farm was fresh and delicious. We also stopped at a roadside stand where a local beekeeper was selling pollen, honeycomb, and fresh honey for sale. The honeycomb was sincerely the freshest that I have ever seen. The beekeeper provided us samples of the fresh and local organic honey. It tasted essentially like clover. The fragrance was just as nice as the taste and the consistency. The honey was flavorful but not too sweet! My wife and I decided to purchase a jar of local honey from the beekeeper. We also purchased a jar of bee pollen, and bee pollen can be used in a number of weird applications and it has wonderful health benefits. Bee pollen can also be used in recipes, cosmetics, and medicines! Honey bees are one of the most substantial animal species on the planet. They truly must be nurtured and saved or all of us will not have any more fruits and vegetables to appreciate. Without bees to pollinate all of the plants, none of the fruits and vegetables will even be able to grow on the farm.

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