My first official day in the HVAC business

The first days can be good or bad. My first day of work was the best day of my life for two main reasons. First was because I had always wanted to work in this company, the most successful and popular HVAC business in the state. The second was that I would be doing my dream job. When I graduated from college, I looked for a job for almost a year. During this time, I would intern for free at different HVAC companies, and in the last three months of that year, I got a chance to intern at a local company. During my internship, I shadowed a great HVAC repairman in the industry. It allowed me to learn from the industry bests. I had been networking vigorously with HVAC professionals from my dream company, and one of them managed to set an interview for a junior HVAC provider position. I went for the interview a little nervous and was surprised when I got the job. I looked forward to working on quality HVAC systems and new HVAC technology. On my first day at the company, I met the rest of my colleagues and was assigned my first HVAC installation. My supervisor gave me a chance to handle HVAC maintenance afterward. Both of these jobs went very well, and my supervisor was impressed. I met with a representative of one of the most popular HVAC brands, and he took me through how to use the new HVAC equipment to help with indoor comfort for any customer. I had worked on many HVAC units and thermostats, but the thrill never left me.



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