Handling Joey's HVAC installation solo

Joey had been calling me for a few weeks now.

He needed help with indoor comfort.

His HVAC unit had stopped working, and though he had the portable space heater I had gotten him earlier in the year, they did not do enough to keep the entire house warm. Though the thermostat was working, Joey could not get the system to switch on or adjust the temperature when the system would come on. Joey was skeptical about contacting the local HVAC business for an HVAC repairman because, in the past, he had a con pretending to be a serviceman dupe him into losing a sizable amount of money. The con artist told Joey to purchase a few “worn out” components, but nothing was wrong with the parts. The experience made Joey lose trust in HVAC professionals that were me. No matter how often I told him it was his mistake not to cross-check his details, he remained wary. I scheduled for his HVAC maintenance but had gotten off routine for the past year because I had just gotten my first child. I made plans to go check out Joey’s HVAC system and regulator. When I got there and examined the system, I established that Joey needed new HVAC equipment. We contacted the local HVAC provider and had a unique quality HVAC delivered. I decided to do the HVAC installation independently to save up on costs and money. I had only done this once before, and it was successful apart from a few unavoidable hitches. It was a new HVAC brand with new HVAC technology, but that did not deter me. The fitting process took me a full day, but by the end of that day, we were enjoying the quality warmth over a hot dinner plate. It was a long but great experience.


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