An interesting debate on new HVAC equipment

I used to go to the local diner after work to eat, read a novel, or worm some more.

The restaurant was always warm there during winter and fall; in summer, it was always crispy, fresh, and relaxed.

They had impeccable quality HVAC systems that seemed to always be in good condition. One time, the waiter, Queen, had told me that the small restaurant owner also owned one of the most popular HVAC brands. That explained why the restaurant never seemed to need help with indoor comfort. I don’t particularly appreciate cooking, and my HVAC unit is not the most efficient, so I enjoyed the dinner. I had even made friends with the servers. One evening, this group of young-looking individuals walks in. They were chatting loudly but not annoyingly, so I could hear their conversations and still concentrate on reading articles on proper HVAC maintenance and thermostats. They took up the booth behind me, so even though I could not see them, I could hear them if I concentrated on what they were saying. From their conversations, I could tell that they worked in the local HVAC business. They talked about the day they had and the new HVAC equipment on the market. I understood that part of the group was an HVAC repairman, and the rest were HVAC providers like me. They started talking about new HVAC technology and how it affected the HVAC installation process. Most of the HVAC professionals at the table were for the invention of the updated tech used in the various HVAC systems, but there were two that were against it. The debate continued for the rest of dinner, but finally, the two agreed with the rest of the table.


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