A quality HVAC system for my new shop

Childhood dreams are comical when one grows up, at least for most of us.

When I was still in kindergarten, I wanted to be an architect, but After some years in school, that dream felt too ambitious, and I settled on being an interior designer.

On the other side, life had other plans for me. I still used my creative side, not with houses or buildings but with people’s hair. I am a professional hairstylist, mostly with men’s heads. In other words, I am a barber. It may not be my childhood dream, but I love and enjoy my work. When I opened my first barbershop, I did everything about designing the shop. The HVAC system was the only thing I did not touch. The initial HVAC unit was old and worn out. The only thing that was up to date was the thermostat. The HVAC repairman who inspected it told me I would get approximately three months from it before it gave out. The idea of buying new HVAC equipment when starting a business was not something any business person would want to get into in the first three months. Due to the state of the HVAC installation, I was able to get a good deal on the shop but even with that getting a quality HVAC was still going to set me back a little, especially one that used new HVAC technology. Most of the HVAC brands I knew were well above my price range, so I contacted the HVAC provider. I got to talk to an HVAC professional who suggested other brands in the HVAC business that were not as expensive but were still going to help with indoor comfort and serve me for some years. It had been five years, and with regular HVAC maintenance, the unit showed no signs of breaking down.


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