The movie wasn't that great

I went to see a movie recently and I wasn’t that great.

It’s not so much that the movie was bad, the movie was all right, it was actually the environment that made it as bad as it was.

Unfortunately when I was in the theater the entire time I just didn’t have a good experience. When I first went to the concession stand to get some popcorn for the movie I discovered that by the time I got up there they were completely out of popcorn. Now you tell me what kind of movie heater runs out of popcorn? That was disappointing but I moved onwards. I was just excited to see the movie. I found the theater that the movie was playing in and I sat down to watch my movie. Unfortunately, not long after I sat down in the theater I noticed that it was really hot in there. I tried to ignore it because the sensation of heat continued to grow and I found myself getting hotter and hotter. To the point where I’m sweating and I was wondering where the air conditioning system was. I decided to get up and ask an employee if he would be interested in telling me where the AC unit was. He told me the air conditioning system in the theater wasn’t working and then it hadn’t been for a while. I had to sit through the rest of the movie sweating like crazy and it wasn’t a good experience. The movie was mediocre, I had no popcorn, and there was no air conditioning system. I don’t think I’ll be going back there again.
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