Installing the new programmable thermostat

Today I installed a thermostat all by myself.

It’s something I’m really proud of because I’d never considered myself to be that handy with things and I was always relying on other people to install things for me so when I was finally able to do something for myself I was pretty proud of my work.

I normally just let my husband do things for me but I decided to give it a try myself. I looked at the instructions for the smart thermostat and they seem simple enough and so I figured that it would be easier to figure out. They were indeed easy to figure out and I got straight to work installing the smart thermostat in her home. When my husband told me that he thought it was good that I did it and so he didn’t have to. I was really happy when I successfully installed the smart thermostat. I followed the instructions to the letter and successfully installed it and had it mounted on the wall. Now there came the true test. The test to see if it would actually work. I was really happy when I turned on the smart thermostat and saw that the thermostat connected to the air conditioning system and lowered the temperature just as I told it to do. Everything was going exactly as planned. Now I have a brand new programmable thermostat in my home that I can use as often as I want just by simply opening an app. Now that is amazing.

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