I found my old thermostat

I found my old thermostat today.

I didn’t even know that I was looking for it but summer time had come around and I was looking to do some cleaning of the house.

I normally clean my house every summer. I find that it is the perfect time because of all the pollen, dust, and other things that quickly gather in this season. This is the time to do some cleaning and to find out what I need and what I do not. Every year I find more and more things that are buried in my house that I didn’t even know that I had. I guess it’s because my husband and I collect so many things over time that they just get buried and we forget all about them. So imagine my surprise when I found that we had a small smart thermostat that had been buried and stored away in the closet. I showed my husband the box and I asked him if he remembered it and he had to think for a moment but he told me that he did remember last year the two of us went to the heating and air conditioning business and purchased the smart thermostat with the intention to replace our old temperature controller home. But time got away from us, we forgot about the smart thermostat and just stored it away in our closet. Now it had been buried in her closet for a year and we hadn’t even noticed it had been there! So of course the first thing we did was to go and install her house. After all that was the reason we bought it.