Getting my air ducts cleaned

When I started having problems with my indoor air quality I was suspecting that it might be because of my air ducts.

I didn’t know for sure however so I decided to ask the advice of a friend.

He walks into my house only once and as soon as he got a whiff of the inside of my home he told me that it was definitely my air ducts. I asked him how he knew and he told me it was because he had the same problem a couple years ago with his air ducts being really dirty. He said the way that he took care of the problem was to have a professional heating and air conditioning technician come out and service my heating and cooling unit. I decided to take his advice and hired a heating and AC professional to come out to my home and clean out my air ducts. When the heating and AC guy arrived he inspected my air ducts and to my surprise they were far dirtier than I could have ever happened! I was happy when he got to work right away to start cleaning them. I knew that once the job had started it would soon be finished and then I would have clean air ducts again in my indoor aircon to start improving. An AC guy also told me some things that I didn’t know that could also help my indoor air quality improve while I was waiting for my air ducts to be cleaned. He told me that I could also use a HEPA filter and that would install directly onto the HVAC system and because of the way the filter is designed, it would help prevent anything bad being in the air that could otherwise make me sick and as a result would increase my indoor air quality.


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