A nice day at the store

I know for some people grocery shopping is a weekly chore but for me I really enjoy it.

This is for many reasons, for one I find the atmosphere to be really calming.

There’s just something about walking around through the different isles and picking up all the items that I need that I just find relaxing. Two, the supermarket that I go to is a small town one so it isn’t too busy. And three, and this may seem a little bit silly but the heating and cooling they have in this grocery store is absolutely phenomenal. They have a very large HVAC unit that’s on the wall, it is a commercial heating and AC unit and it sure does an excellent job of heating and cooling the entire building. It could be the hottest day in summer or the coldest day in winter and you would never even notice because of how good the heating and air conditioning system is. So every week it is time for me to do my weekly groceries, this is something that I do not dread, instead of something I look forward to. It is a good time for me to get away from everything, relax a little bit, maybe chat with a couple of neighbors, and get everything I need and then go home. Admittedly though, The experience wouldn’t be half as good as it is if it wasn’t for that amazing heating and AC system. The HVAC unit really does make the whole experience

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