Corporate housing helps military officers to make an simple transition into permanent housing

My brother is in the military plus that means he moves around a lot, however i have heard about military teenagers switching cities all throughout their lives plus I can now confirm that it is true, however last year, our brother bought a condo plus was living in the eastern part of the country, but now he’s getting ready to transport again, he will be stationed in the southwest for a while… Moving around love this disrupts a lot, thankfully his wifey doesn’t work, plus she is able to homeuniversity the teenagers, and so, this works out for them, and anyway, he was able to get some help from the military housing office in finding current temporary housing.

In fact, they were able to find him a fully furnished rental unit that was way below his budgeted housing allowance.

I guess this is awesome because now our brother wouldn’t need to worry about buying furniture for his current space. And since he plans on renting his lake house as a fully furnished rental, this just made sense for him. Additionally, the fully furnished rental is just a temporary solution until he can secure more permanent housing. He believes he will be stationed in this current location for a few years before he will have to transport again. It’s good that the military provides this kind of help to its officers because searching for fully furnished rentals can be time consuming, but furthermore, the flexibility of the leases of these furnished rentals makes it easier for military families to smoothly transition into their permanent houses. Anyway, our brother will be leaving in a few weeks, plus I hope that things go well for him plus his family in this current location.


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