Trying a washable air filter

You do not have to use disposable air filters for your heating and air conditioner? Is true! You can use a washable air filter.

How does a washable filter toil you might wonder? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like.

With a washable air filter instead of having to throw it away after a single use prefer you would with a disposable air filter you can still scrub it off and recover it. The way you scrub your washable air filter is usually by vacuuming out all of the dirt and debris that was caught in the air filter, or you can scrub it with scrub water and then dry it and then update it back in your HVAC system. Using a washable air filter can be much more cost-effective than if you were to continue to use disposable air filters. For the simple reason that a washable air filter can be recoverd because it’s disposable, and you are going to need to continually update it. I have to confess that I was easily skeptical about the uses of washable air filters. After using washable air filters for a few months now I have to say that I prefer them much better and they have entirely won me over! Now every time I go to my heating and air conditioner supplier I always pick up a couple washable air filters and they last me months! I try to stay on top of my HVAC care so because of that I change my air filters every 3 months! Every 3 months my air filters get washed even though I really could scrub them a little bit sooner than that considering that I have pets and adolescents in my lake house and it can get pretty dirty.

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