Installing the new programmable control unit

This week I installed a control component all by myself.

It’s something I am genuinely proud of because I’d never considered myself to be that handy with things & I was always relying on other people to install things for me so when I was finally able to do something for myself I was pretty proud of my work.

I normally just let my partner do things for me but I decided to give it a try myself. I looked at the instruction for the smart control component & they seem simple enough & so I figured that it would be easier to figure out. They were indeed easy to figure out & I got straight to work installing the smart control component in her home. When my partner told me that she thought it was fantastic that I did it & so she did not have to. I was genuinely happy when I successfully installed the smart control unit. I followed the instruction to the letter & successfully installed it & had it mounted on the wall. Now there came the true test. The test to see if it would genuinely work. I was genuinely happy when I turned on the smart control component & saw that the control component attached to the air conditioner system & lowered the temperature just as I told it to do… Everything was going exactly as planned. Now I have a brand new programmable control component in my home that I can use as often as I want just by simply opening an app. Now that is amazing.


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