Helping the up-to-date HVAC serviceman

This month I had a heating and air conditioner guy come out to my beach lake house to repair my A/C unit.

I couldn’t see anything wrong with my A/C unit but however, it had been making a lot of peculiar noises lately and so I decided to be on the safe side to call a heating and a super professional to come out and take a look at it and see what the problem might be.

When the heating and cooling guy came out I suppose he must have been up-to-date because he seemed confused about exactly what I was supposed to do; Clearly he knew that he was supposed to look at our heating and air conditioner, but apart from that he wasn’t sure how to repair it, and funny enough I myself used to labor in a heating and A/C industry and so I could say that I suppose my way around that he didn’t have an A/C unit, but now I am literally for me. It has been a while and HVAC technology has changed significantly since I did it, although I figured I could still give the guy some help. I told him I used to be a heating and A/C worker and asked him what it was he wasn’t sure on and he went and was pointing out some components in our air conditioner unit! Between the two of us we were able to figure out what was wrong with it, myself and others using my know-how of heating and A/C technology, and him using his know-how of current HVAC technology. It might have changed some but it wasn’t that different.


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