Setting up the perfect study room

When my husbandy and I first moved into our lake house we absolutely wanted to make it our own. It was our first time being homeowners and so we were ecstatic just to have a venue to call our own, then one of the rooms that we put a lot of attention to detail in was the study room, and this was because it was going to be the heart of the house. This would be the venue that everybody was in the most often and so we wanted it to look very nice and comfortable. We had the usual. We had a nice sofa, a cable to watch, and on the sides of the walls we had a couple of bookshelves with several books to read, then lots of potted plants for decoration and some charming paintings on the wall. When we were finished the study room looked charming. We are very ecstatic with the final result and the only thing that made it even better was our heating and cooling system. We have an excellent heating and air conditioner that also has a smart thermostat. Let myself and others tell you the smart thermostat absolutely does make the whole lake house temperature wise. The smart thermostat allows us to control our indoor temperature with our phone which is highly convenient and a feature we love. Our first beach lake house is everything we could ask for and more.

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