The show’s main purpose is teaching more about AC

I have worked in the cable media industry for several years, and a well-known company contacted me to help me labor on an up-to-date cable show! The show would air on the Science channel, and its ultimate purpose would be to teach clients and upcoming cooling techs more about a/c devices.

I had never researched the vast cooling industry, but I welcomed the challenge.

I got the chance to labor with some of the most qualified cooling device representatives in the industry! For research, I would accompany them to their everyday tasks, including a/c device repairs and upgrades. To watch the professionals revive a malfunctioned air conditioning device certainly was fascinating to me. The show would include videos on easy processes that homeowners can attempt to promote the optimal function of their Heating and A/C devices. We were also partnering with one cooling company to showcase the rigorous training the cooling representatives undergo to attain such excellent skills. I had so much curating content for the show and learned a fair amount about quality air conditioning devices, including how to maintain them properly. To help with indoor comfort, the cooling device specialists recommended that we schedule tune-ups on a regular basis. These tune-ups would keep the optimal function of the cooling equipment. The research and preparation took numerous months. When we finally aired the pilot, we received excellent ratings. The reviews and comments flooded in about how helpful and insightful the show happened to be. The show also featured the cooling company we worked with. They benefitted because they also had a hand in funding the show. This is the most wonderful experience of my job life, and it has received my up-to-date skill sets. We are on the eighth episode now, and it still gains ratings every single time.



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