Portable air conditioners are only a temporary cooling option

I have been visiting the same laundromat for a couple of months.

When I first started visiting there, they had central air conditioning that worked pretty decently.

During my second visit, I guess their central HVAC stopped working because they had a portable air conditioner set up. I didn’t mind it at first because I figured they were waiting to hear back from an air conditioning company to get it fixed. It’s been several months and the laundromat is still using the portable air conditioner as the main source of A/C for the store. This really bothers me because not only does it not provide A/C as well as an HVAC would, but it doesn’t have an air filtration or purification system built within it like an HVAC would. With so many people and clothes going in and out of there everyday, I think an air filter is really important. Portable air conditioners are really supposed to be treated as temporary solutions to air conditioning, but it seems like the laundromat wants to adopt it as a permanent fixture. I think I may ask them about it next time I go, but I don’t know if it would do any good because it’s only every one or two employees working, and they don’t look like the owners. I’m not sure how much longer I will continue to visit this laundromat if it continues to be that they don’t invest in maintaining their space. I know laundromats aren’t the sexiest places, but I should at least feel like the place I clean my clothes is safe and healthy for me to breathe, especially with all the dust and pollutants floating around.


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