Portable air conditioners are handy to have when your central HVAC breaks

I love having the ability to use central air conditioning.

It’s a great cooling method that is pretty reliable throughout the entire year! However, sometimes you may experience your HVAC breaking and needing a repair.

An air conditioning technician isn’t necessarily always available to come and repair a broken part, so you’ll have to make do with what you have in the meantime. I’ve come to see how having a portable air conditioner stocked in your garage is a great way to have a backup plan when your HVAC breaks! I honestly never knew what portable air conditioners were before, but I saw one when I visited a laundromat down the street that used it. I was surprised to see that such a small air conditioner was able to provide cool air to the entire space, so I did some research and got one for myself. A portable air conditioner might not cool your entire home like an HVAC would, but it can at least give you cooling relief in the room or two rooms that you spend the most time in. Having a back up plan is so important to have when you own a home. Things get messy or go sideways pretty often and the permanent solution isn’t always readily available. Having a home has really taught me to have backup plans in life as well. I never thought that being a homeowner would provide me with so much value and opportunities for personal growth, but it really has. I’m so grateful for all of the lessons and experiences I’ve been given.

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