Many other countries don’t use air conditioning

My girlfriends and I love to take a few trips and travel every year.

It’s a great way for us to reconnect after life gets so hectic and draws us apart.

Our last few trips have been so much fun! However, the countries that we visited didn’t really have air conditioning and we of course decided to travel during some of the hottest months of the year. I didn’t realize that there were so many countries that didn’t really have the need for air conditioning the way that we do back home. In some countries, the weather was so beautiful that using air conditioning felt like a waste and actually took away from the experience. However, some countries were underdeveloped and simply didn’t have the means to have air conditioning as accessible as they would have liked. Those countries that couldn’t have air conditioning set up everywhere usually had fans and sometimes a portable air conditioner in the facility to try and keep it as cool as possible. It all made me really grateful for the fact that we have air conditioning pretty much everywhere we go back home. It also helped me be really cognizant of how much energy I use on a daily basis, and how I can cut back to help in energy savings not only for myself, but for the Earth and community in general. I think we all have a duty to be an ally for our communities and reduce waste as much as possible, and that includes energy. We shouldn’t be so wasteful and mindless of our waste because it prevents us from taking time to be grateful for the resources we have.

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