China uses the most air conditioning in the world

I’ve been reading a bunch of random facts on the internet comparing things in different countries around the world.

I’ve learned some pretty interesting things, and have even learned about countries I never really knew existed.

One thing that I found pretty startling was that more than half of the world’s population that has installed air conditioning systems is split between three countries with the largest being China. China alone makes up about thirty-five percent of the world’s population of installed home air conditioning units. I think it’s crazy that one third of all air conditioners belong to one country! Especially considering there are other countries that desperately need air conditioning yet don’t have the funds or resources to provide that to their communities. I feel like China could probably donate a good chunk of their air conditioner funds to some developing countries to help them even gain information and education on how to develop the systems. I wonder if a big reason why some countries don’t have air conditioners is because they don’t have people qualified to create them, and to ship them from other countries would be an insane amount of money. I’m sure that so many health problems could be alleviated if people had cool air to relieve themselves in the intense weather they experience. I really feel like the world should be looking out for each other and sharing tools, knowledge, and resources wherever we can. It’s not fair to hoard knowledge to yourself, and that definitely goes for a whole country. We cannot succeed if we continue to live so divided.
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