Africa has the smallest prevalence of air conditioning usage

My sister and I took a safari trip last spring and it was probably the greatest experience that I’ve had in my life until this point.

I’m not sure if anything could really top it to be honest with you.

We had such a wonderful time in Africa, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t missing air conditioning the entire time we were there. We were so hot the whole time and there is virtually no air conditioning in the entire country. In fact, Africa has the smallest prevalence of air conditioning usage in the entire world. We knew it would be really hot which is why we decided to go in the spring instead of summer, but I was really surprised to see not even air conditioning at the airport we arrived in. I don’t think I felt a glimpse of air conditioning until we got back onto the flight to head home. Airplane air conditioning is not even all that great, so the fact that I was so relieved to feel it just goes to show how desperate I was for cooling relief. It really put things into perspective for me though about air conditioning accessibility and how lucky we are to have it everywhere back home. It was refreshing to see that the lack of air conditioning didn’t impact the way the locals lived their lives. The whole experience helped me feel really grateful for the simple pleasures in life and to not take anything for granted. Life is so beautiful.

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