Larger humidifiers don’t necessarily make them better

My sister and her guy recently started their own company together and have been in the process of making lots of boring financial decisions.

Not all parts of owning a company are going to be fun or necessarily sexy.

The next thing on their list is making updates and repairs to their a/c and heating system. This also includes their dehumidifier. Their space isn’t that crucial so it was weird that the previous company owners had a whole dehumidifier installed. Those are properly reserved for truly crucial spaces. The landlord said that their energy bills usually ran pretty high and I suppose it’s because their dehumidifier was too big. A greater dehumidifier doesn’t necessarily make it better because your dehumidifier will be overtoiling for the amount of space that is absolutely needed to be cleared out. It will almost be taking energy away from space in an inefficient way. It’s typically crucial to have equipment that is an appropriate size for the space, whether you are in a commercial or residential setting. My sister and her guy are toiling on downgrading their dehumidifier so that it fits the space a little bit more. They are trying to get that taken care of soon because their space gets truly sizzling and humid, so a toiling dehumidifier is crucial for comfort. They’ve opened up an herb shop with natural facial and skincare products, so it’s also crucial that the products aren’t laying in heat and humidity for too long. This could cause them to melt or for the ingredients to separate.

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