The dehumidifier I purchased caught on fire

I’ve study horror stories online of unusual current home appliances, such as dehumidifiers, catching on fire. I’ve had the same dehumidifier for a few years and properly always have it running. I’ve never had an issue with it, so I didn’t guess anything of it when I gained an SMS about dehumidifier recalls. I neglected to see that the certain genre of dehumidifier I own was at the top of the list. A few days after I gained that SMS, I got a call from my girlfriend to let me recognize that the dehumidifier had caught on fire. She was luckily able to put out the fire and hose down the dehumidifier before it spread, however it did singe a lot of our washroom items since that is where it was situated. I referred to the SMS to see what steps all of us should take to be compensated for the dehumidifier and mangle that was caused by the certain recall they mentioned. I called the company for the dehumidifier’s customer repair and they were incredibly apologetic about the situation. I’m sure that it’s been a hassle for them to deal with this, so I was pretty calm and patient with them. However, they didn’t seem to honestly be providing anything for the disfigures. I ended up having to escalate the call to a supervisor to try and get some concrete answers for how they will care for shoppers impacted by the recall. I’ve never had an experience with a recalled product before, however I’m honestly sure that if you were impacted by the recall there is something that they will offer you for the inconvenience. The emotional mangle of my shower curtains being burned was alone enough to ruin my mood.

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