Should have left the HVAC stuff to the HVAC professionals

Well, I clearly blew it once again. Whenever I try to cut corners or get around stuff, I tend to find a worse price is to be paid than what I was avoiding. Perhaps, this is a theme in life that I could pay closer attention to going forward. For sure, I got caught short when it came to replacing the HVAC equipment. And there is nobody to blame but myself. I had plenty of time thanks to the HVAC service plan I pay for through the HVAC company. That plan allows for heating maintenance in the fall. Then the HVAC technician comes back in the spring to give the air conditioning a tune up. This is the way it’s been since we had that HVAC unit installed after buying this older house. We got more than 20 years out of that old HVAC unit and that was great value for sure. I met with the HVAC contractor at the HVAC company to get an idea of replacement HVAC units. But I thought I could find a better price and didn’t let the HVAC contractor do the rest of the job. Had I done that, the HVAC contractor wouldn’t have purchased HVAC equipment that wouldn’t work with the ductwork we had in our house. I now have several crates of HVAC equipment in my garage. They are currently for sale as I bought them on sale and they aren’t returnable. Not only am I taking a big time financial hit, I also feel like an absolute idiot as well.

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