New craft and hobby space thanks to HVAC solution

Over the last couple of years, I’ve made some big changes in my life.

There is nothing like a pandemic to do that for a person.

Finally, I stopped moving so much and was forced to take stock of my life. I had to be inside the air conditioning of my home unless I was outside walking for a long time when the virus hit. I was at high risk because of my poor health. And my poor health was completely self induced. I went from sitting at my desk in the zone controlled HVAC of the office to sitting in my chair at home with the HVAC cooling cranked. There wasn’t much movement other than trading places where I was sitting. Oh and amidst all of that great quality heating and air of the office and my house, I was eating like an idiot. Then throw in a case of beer over the weekend and you can see where that was heading. I’ll be 52 and it’s pretty lucky I’m still here. I’ve lost something like 70 pounds in the last two years just by eating with some sort of sense and moving. It’s the moving more than anything else. I have one of those standing desks inside that zone controlled HVAC of the office. And I just don’t even sit down when I get home. I get to doing something. Recently we put in a sort of hobby and craft spot in the basement. It keeps me busy and it’s fun to share with my wife. I even had a ductless heat pump installed so it’s really an awesome spot.

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