Loss of my air conditioner

I am always trying to find new ways to save our money in any way that I possibly can.

I have a strict budget for nearly anything as well as everything; My parents provided me their old SUV our junior year of school, but that SUV had already been in the family for over 7 years.

It had seventy thousand miles on the odometer by the time it passed into our hands. I squeezed an additional 6 and a half years out of the vehicle, as well as by the time I was thinking about getting a replacement, it was well over 160,000 miles. I may be frugal, however the one thing that made me decide to get a new vehicle was that the central a/c finally failed. I just couldn’t handle that in this oppressive, humid heat all of us deal with down here in the south! When I took it to the mechanic shop, I was informed that there were a wealth of other problems with the vehicle, as well as it was basically on its way out. By that point, I was dreaming of a new vehicle with a powerful air conditioner, as well as I had saved up a respectable amount due to our aforementioned frugal nature, so I finally caved as well as decided to get a new vehicle. Well, not a new vehicle, per se. I bought a used vehicle from a rental supplier’s sales lot. It only had 45,000 miles on it as well as being 6 years old. When I cranked the a/c to max on a particularly hot as well as humid day for a test drive, I fell in love; Sure, all the other features were fine in the vehicle, despite the fact that I was missing the air conditioner!

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