Deciding on an air purifier

Ever since the Covid-19 scare, I’ve been more concerned about air quality. With my husband and I working from home and the kids kept home from school, I realized the importance of the cleanliness of our breathing air. I was seeing dust and other particles floating in the air. I noticed that when the furnace started up, my kids would start sneezing. The odors from cooking dinner would spread to every room in the house and linger for hours. We also have a dog that sheds. Because of the severe weather in my local area, we are rarely able to open the windows and bring in fresh air. I’ve gone to great lengths to seal up the house and prevent energy waste. That means the same air gets trapped inside and continually circulated by the furnace or air conditioner. Things like cleaning, cooking, showering and pesticides add to the problems with air quality. Although I am good about replacing the air filter in the heating and cooling units and arranging for professional upkeep, I wanted to have more confidence in the hygiene of our breathing air. I researched different indoor air quality accessories. I learned that the portable models are a lot of work and don’t have much of an affect on the indoor environment. I needed a whole-home solution. I read up on ventilation systems, UV lights, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. After a great deal of debate, I decided to invest in an air purifier. The air purifier is installed in the ductwork, where it treats the conditioned air as it passes through. The unit operates silently, 24/7 and requires only annual maintenance. It traps 99% of contaminants that are smaller than a grain of salt. It also sends out positive and negative ions that disrupt the DNA of bacteria, viruses and various toxins, rendering them harmless.

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