Coming home is tough but the air conditioning sure helps

It’s been a great stay and I’m thankful

I knew that when the rumor started that the offices with that wonderful zone controlled HVAC would be closing due to the pandemic, I might be in trouble. But I also had some bit of confidence that this company hired me right out of college for a reason. I mean, I spent my time in college with my head in the books. I came to that job fortified with a very specific set of skills. So when my colleagues were talking pinks slips, I was hoping for the best. I really loved that zone controlled HVAC. But like the logic suggests, last one in is the first one out, I was shown the door within a month of working from my apartment. And that apartment was there for just sleeping in purposes. I had purposely gone the very affordable route in order to save my money for the future. So in a way, the company may have done me a favor. Once I got clipped, mom and dad just wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to coming home. I was not wild about that even though it’s been only 6 years or so since I enjoyed the quality heating and air of that awesome house. It was not without some serious pride swallowing that I said yes to their kind offer. I even got to be the first one to live downstairs in the apartment my dad put together for mortgage insurance. It has the best ductless heat pumps and you can dial in just the perfect amount of heating and cooling. It’s been a great stay and I’m thankful. But I’ll be moving into another cramped apartment as I got a new job with a different company.
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