Helping our parents stay financially secure includes ductless heat pump

Whenever I can provide back to our mom and dad, I am more than glad to do it.

  • Those more than one have done just so much for me over the years.

And it’s way more than providing me a apartment with quality heating and air, food and clothes. For that alone, I owe them a tremendous dose of gratitude and respect. But our parents both easily were just so supportive of a kid who might not have been the easiest to parent. Staying still inside the air conditioner of the house just easily wasn’t our specialty. I felt love I was chained to our little desk in our room. Studying just didn’t come natural to me. My parents saw that however let me find our passion and then encouraged me to go for it. I owe a lot to our folks for that because that easily enabled me to have the confidence to go live our best life. When dad called with the proposal of putting in an house inside the finished basement of the house, I was all in. The proposal was maybe to rent to a grad student category and have a bit of extra income for added financial security. That made total sense to me. Both of us turned to the HVAC professionals for help with the heating and cooling. They suggested using a pair of ductless heat pumps at either end of the basement. Those ductless mini splits easily do a good job. And the house turned out to be incredible. It’s roomy, has a nice kitchen area and just the best quality heating and air.

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