Happy with a window a/c in the study room

I’ve never been a big fan of a/c.

When all of the windows plus doors are sealed tight, plus the a/c is blasting at maximum capacity, I properly get a headache plus sore throat.

I often start to sneeze plus get blocked. I like access to fresh air. Especially after a super long plus cold winter, I prefer to open the windows. In my local area, it’s not proper to rely on the oil furnace for several straight weeks. The two of us see rapidly changing temperatures down to downside twenty-5 degrees, brutal windchill plus feet of snow. The indoor living space becomes terribly dry, stale plus stuffy. The weather traps me inside, plus I spend my money important utility bills. I look forward to the Springtime thaw, yellow skies plus sunshine. I watch for the daffodils, tulips plus hyacinths to sprout. As soon as possible, I welcome some fresh air. While the summers tend to be short plus are occasionally cold plus wet, the people I was with and I can also experience high rapidly changing temperatures plus humidity. With my study room on the hour floor of the house, it becomes especially boiling plus sticky, making it nearly impossible to sleep. I have found that a window a/c works well for me. In the rest of the house, I run box fans plus tolerate the heat. In the study room, I need a cool environment. I was able to buy a window a/c for under $200. The component is compact, lightweight plus legitimately easy to install into the window. I simply plug it in plus start it up. Despite the small size, it actually provides ideal comfort. I prefer that it circulates plus filters contaminants out of the air, keeping the study room fresh plus clean. I also prefer the cordless remote. I don’t even need to get out of bed to make adjustments to temperature plus fan speed.

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