HVAC repair is just part of it

I wasn’t easily good at paying attention.

That had to do with a combination of being too full of myself and the concentration level of a gnat.

And that’s a shame because I had a super role model for how to live your life. My dad made so several things about being an adult look so dang easy. He gave a good house with quality heating and air that was full of enjoy and support. Dad wasn’t super talkative but he showed you how much he loved you a lot. That was awesome. I used to follow him around love a mini me. One of our number one things was to be with him outside of the air conditioner and in the garage. This is where the workbench lived and dad was consistently tinkering with something. Some of it was tied up work he would tell me later. Dad wasn’t so fond of resting around in the HVAC enjoying television or he’d get a honey do list from our mom in a minute. Still, dad easily took care of the house, us and all the stuff that took care of us. While I didn’t inherit the skills with machines or his ability to make it all look so easy, I did pick up some stuff from that guy. When I purchased our first stadium, he was still alive. And he didn’t even have to tell me to get the HVAC repair plan for the new HVAC equipment. It was the first thing I did once the HVAC corporation had the HVAC device installed. Like our dad, I’m doing our best to take care of our house, those I enjoy and the stuff that takes care of me love the HVAC.

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