Realizing I need attic insulation

Until recently, it didn’t occur to myself and others that the attic isn’t intended to be nothing more than a storage space.

  • My apartment includes a full-sized attic where I’ve piled up totes full of the clothes my teenagers have outgrown.

I have bags of athletic interests equipment, boxes of Christmas decorations, stacks of photo albums plus old furniture in the attic. Every now plus then, I need to head up to the attic to find something. I’ve consistently noticed that the space is terribly warm in the summer time plus cold cold in the winter. I didn’t realize this problem was particularly costing myself and others a great deal of money in heating plus cooling costs. Last Spring, when I hired an Heating plus A/C contractor to repair the air conditioning system, I complained about my electric bills. I told him that I was consistently looking for up-to-date ways to tighten up the apartment plus reduce expenses. He gave some suggestions, including a smart control unit, ceiling fans plus attic insulation. I wasn’t sure if the attic was insulated or not. When I maintained, I found that there was very little insulation plus it showed signs of water destruction plus rodent infestation. The insulation very wasn’t accomplishing anything. With a little research, I l earned that the attic is designed to help with the efficiency plus comfort of the living space. Heat tends to migrate to cooler areas. If the attic is warm in the summer, the heat travels into the air conditioned rooms of the house. If the attic is cold in the winter, the heat from the oil furnace rises upward. I decided to update the insulation myself. It was a time-consuming, labor-intensive plus particularly bad job. The air in the attic was super hot, stale plus stuffy. The old insulation was dirty plus gross, plus the up-to-date insulation was scratchy. However, replacing the attic insulation has made a worthwhile improvement.
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